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November 7, 2009

Hi everyone,

Well this is my new blog site and I hope to keep up a bit better.  I have been waiting for the new website to get done so that everything is new.  Anyway, I have been busy with my summer time activities.  A bit of rock climbing, surfing, and kiteboarding, to go along with forging metal, and climbing trees for work.  Also lots of time spent with the kids.  Here is a sequence shot of some airtime summer style.

Yesterday the 5th of November was more than likely my last day of water kiting until the snow gets deep enough to snow kite.  It is in the 20’s today and snow is in the forecast.   The cold makes me think of winter and my board. Which has been given great reviews. Check out the link  I can not wait to make some turns on one.  That is it from Tahoe for now.


Winterstick Wedding In Alagna

November 7, 2009

Congratulations Emanuele and Cristina!

Emanuele and Cristina

Emanuele and Cristina

On The Snow


The Happy Groom


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