New Documentary/Tribute Film on Craig Kelly


This is a note to let people know that Ari Marcopoulis, a good friend of mine and of the late Craig Kelly, put together a documentary/tribute film on Craig call “WHERE THE WIND BLOWS”. It will be shown for the first time 7:30 PM on Wed. November 18th at the UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive. The address is 2575 Bancroft Way, Berkeley. Call for advanced tickets at (510) 642-5249 or check out this link Marcopoulos Films .


2 Responses to “New Documentary/Tribute Film on Craig Kelly”

  1. Darreb Says:

    See ya there Tom. Can’t wait.

    I was floored when I saw that Berkeley DH video. Nuts.

  2. Pete kostan Says:

    Hey Tom

    Congrats on the award.

    Do you know if the Documentary on CK ever made it to DVD? We couldn t get to Berkley.

    Oh yeah, great clip of Cordova. OMG! What an amazing descent.

    Last of all are there any demos for sale, and or splitty’s on the way.

    Pete from Reno

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