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  1. Tom Sims Says:

    Tom Burt, Hey, Those are some nice turns on Lake Tahoe. I have never seen a picture of surfing that lake or heard of anyone dong it. Very cool. One time I surfed Lake Michigan and it had a down the beach current that put me 1/2 mile away in 15 minutes of surfing waves not that unlike the ones in your pictures. Would you have a few minutes to help me with a math question I have? It haunts me often that I do not know the equation to solve a fairly simple problem I thought up and cannot find it online. There are too many zeros for my calculator and I think you would enjoy the answer too. It has to do with: What radius would a circle have if the sidecut was one atom deep and the chord was 100 million miles long. I am trying to see how big this circle would be as it compares to the size of the know universe, which I have read is maybe 10 to 15 billion light years in width?

  2. Steve S Says:

    Respect to Tom Burt and Tom Sims – I learned to snowboard in the 70s and early 80s on Wintersticks and Sims snowboards. You guys rule!

    I had to comment seeing surfing on Tahoe! Amazing!! how strong was the wind? duration? fetch?

    I’ve surfed cheboygan in lake michigan once on my way home from the gorge, oregon, but the all time wierdest was I surfed Bear Lake in northern Utah, much smaller than Tahoe I believe and it was in June!!

    google link,-95.677068&sspn=48.019527,61.523437&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Bear+Lake&t=h&z=10

    Was camped there on my way to the gorge reworking the seals on my vans oil pan (fun) and everyday a thunderstorm would build up in the hills to the north and then mature and blast down the lake for 30 mins at 30-40mph over about 10miles of water that’s deep. I guess that was enough fetch to make a wave about waist high and there was a real nice rocl reef right in front of the camp site. So the 3rd day of seeing this setup, I nailed it and got a surf in for about 30 mins after the storm on a 7 foot funshape.

    So next time you are in the wasatch – check it out!!

    Been trying to catch and document a sesh on the chesapeake bay – missed a recent chance — we had a 3 day NEster blowin 30-35 over about 20 miles of fairly shallow water (10-50 feet) in november that coulda done it but I kiteboarded it instead. Had a very consistent waste high crumbly breaking wave on some sandbars.

  3. kenny LaBarbera Says:

    nice,how thick is your suit? my buddy and I surfed hidden beach early sept.nothing like surfing fresh water at 6000 feet!!
    Tom I also want to tell you I love my st62 I bought it last year
    through pete,who by the way is super cool.He even e-mailed me in the beginning of the season to see how I was digging the new board! thanks for the blog and the inspiration!! by the way if you haven’t checked out mike basich’s documentary”open spaces”check it on the 241 web site.donner summit rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tomburt Says:

      4/3 with a 1m layer on my rash guard on my chest. I am glad you like the ST it is a fun board. Also I have seen Mikes movie. It was great. I know Mike well and now even better.


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