Holiday Time


It is that time of the year.  New snow falling, legs are burning, huge plumes are flying, smiles being made.  I have been down in Mammoth Mountain for a few days working on a Jeep TV commercial and then I did a little surf session at Malibu with my friend Eric who I grew up skiing and riding with.  I looked up on his wall at his house and saw this picture of him riding the Swallowtail at CMH heli in Revelstoke (so I scanned it).  It just reminded me of all the people who have not got to experience the Swallowtail.  It would be a nice gift to yourself or any rider for the season.  

Hope your holidays are good.


2 Responses to “Holiday Time”

  1. Heath Lockhurst Says:

    Hey Tom, nice slash. Drop me a line if you can at my email.
    Heath ( from Baldface)

  2. Nikolai Samson Says:

    Dang Tom that has to be one of the biggest rooster tails I have ever seen. Looks like it’s coming out of a snowblower!

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