Dumping in Tahoe, A good day for the TB172


It has been dumping snow here in Tahoe. Some thinking it was too deep! Time for riders to get a board for the mountains. My only problem is removing the snow off my truck. My TB172 or the Swallowtail has been ridiculous throughout the snow cycle.

4 Responses to “Dumping in Tahoe, A good day for the TB172”

  1. Boot Dryer Says:

    Wow that looks awesome

  2. Chad Kroeger Says:

    I was there that four days from Hawaii and had to break out my old Summit 170 made by Steve Link back in the day! Would have been great to have the swallowtail! I can’t wait to try the 172 split next season! What a perfect timing trip! It was blower!

  3. John King Says:

    Dear Tom. I used to ride and old school winterstick with glass beads for boot grip and the soft bindings. The bindings were always pulling out but I soon up graded to a hard binding. I loved my old school stick and it took the most abuse out of all my friends boards. It was unusual and I was picked on for having it but I rode it with pride knowing I had the only one on the mountain. I’m on a diet to loose weight and purchase one of the newer boards for my goal to ride the mountains in Alaska. Its very pricey but I’ll make it happen since I miss the riding and freedom. I work for Carlile transportation in Alaska as a driver that runs all over and including the Dalton highway. Can’t wait to get a hold of this board! I’m 346 lbs now and have lost 24 lbs this last two weeks and shooting for a goal weight of 235 lbs then onto the mountains again by next winter. I would love to be sporting a new winterstick again.

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